Health and pharmaceutical

Danihers provides a range of facility management and cleaning services to clients with critical needs in the health and pharmaceutical industries.

Facilities in this sector are often among the most challenging sites to maintain, requiring unique expertise and an understanding of issues specific to the environment.

We have experience maintaining the precise cleanliness of a controlled environment in large facilities, and have a range of systems and processes in place to ensure stringent infection control, hygiene and safe cleaning practices.

Danihers offers the following value:

  • decades of experience cleaning health and pharmaceutical sites
  • consistent reliable service from a regular team
  • 24 hour call centre to assist with operations or emergencies
  • excellent customer service and communication
  • trained, qualified and friendly team
  • regular site visits and quality audits
  • provision of products and materials.

Danihers can provide a range of services for health and pharmaceutical facilities including:

  • fully integrated facility management
  • on-site day-to-day management
  • general and specialised cleaning
  • infection control management
  • cleaning to specific standards
  • property maintenance
  • grounds maintenance and landscaping
  • essential services
  • waste management and recycling
  • quality inspections
  • asset management
  • environmental audits
  • labour hire
  • security.