Anthony’s update

2018 is at the tail end, and what a year it was! I have just returned from Ungarie, my home town where we celebrated my dad’s – James (Jim) 90th Birthday. It was amazing to have all the family together under one roof which doesn’t happen often, being one of 11 children, with 35 grandchildren and 10 partners, 60 family members all up, not a bad effort!!

Dad is still “sharp as a tack” in his mind, although his body isn’t in such a great shape, he still loves to debate about farming with Chris, politics, sport, the community and foreign affairs. He is kept up to date on the latest news with his iPad which he loves, which keeps him in touch with the world. Reading is his great passion.

Pictured from left to right: Terry, Fiona, Anthony, Neale, Angela, Chris, Julie, Dorothy, Colleen, Sitting left to right: Dads sister Mary – 92 yo, Brother Leo – 88 yo, Dad – Jim, Mum – Edna, Nerolle & Estelle – sisters (Family of 11 children, brothers and sisters)













Due to drought, there wasn’t much to harvest and farmers are finding this year tough. The crops averaged around three bags, break-even is around seven. Luckily Dad & Chris have a mixed farm so 5000 sheep they run is going well. China buys our wool stocks and fat lambs at record prices and they will still make a profit in a drought year!! That is good farming…

Pictured from left: Neale Daniher, Chris Daniher and Jan Daniher













It was great to spend some time with Neale, he was very relaxed after another mighty year of fund and awareness raising to continue the fight to find a cure for MND. He certainly is an inspiration to us all, no complaints, he just gets on with the job.

On behalf on Mark my business partner, Steve Thorogood our brilliant General Manager and our amazing team; I would like to thank you all for your amazing support and friendship throughout the 2018.

May you all spend valuable time with the loved ones and hope you find time to relax as well.

We all look forward to re-connecting in 2019.