Danihers spotlight – 9 questions with Ramon

Get to know our friendly team through our regular employee profiles.

Meet Ramon and Maria Reynoso, the owners of one of our longest-serving and most consistent business units and part of the Danihers team since 2000.

This year they received the Danihers Cleaning Business Unit of the Year Award for the way they epitomise our teams’ commitment to compliance, focus on quality and passion for service.


What is your role at Danihers?

Together with my wife Maria we run a business unit for Danihers, managing the cleaning at various schools in Melbourne. We started our cleaning business not long after we moved from Argentina and have not looked back since.

Describe a typical day in your role

I leave home at 6am every morning, grab a drive-through coffee and then visit all my sites to conduct a daily site health check, help out with cleaning for special events and provide any necessary quotes. In the afternoon, I work on the paperwork.

Tell us about your most rewarding experience since you joined Danihers.

When we won this year’s Danihers Cleaning Business Unit of the Year Award. It was so wonderful to be recognised for all our hard work at our clients’ schools (especially Maria who puts in a long hours as a Site Supervisor).

What makes you smile at work?

When I visit our clients and there are no complaints – Ramon is very happy! I am a mad Sydney Swans supporter, so a Swans win always makes me smile!

What do you love about working with Danihers?

They are a very honest and family orientated organisation. They are supportive and I must say they have been very fantastic to Maria and I.

How important is regular professional development to you?

I like to visit the ISSA cleaning trade show in the US every couple of years – it’s a great opportunity to learn the latest trends and information, as well as seeing new machines and equipment.