Grounds and Gardens in Spring

Hints and Tips on Spring Gardening at your site:

  • In spring, it’s important to remove leaf litter from garden beds to avoid rotting, cluttering and possible disease infiltrating soils.

    Presentation College – Paddock to Plate

  • Invest some time in spreading new organic mulch over garden beds and new weed matting where required. Top up softfall in playgrounds and other general garden beds, include replenishing gravel beds if your site has those areas. Top up all garden beds with mulch ready for summer.
  • Prune spring flowering roses after they bloom, ensure shrubs and hedges are well shaped and maintained ready for faster growth period and warmer periods. Lightly cut back natives as they finish flowering.
  • Use slow release fertiliser on every tree, plant and shrub that is not native. (i.e.- native grasses and flax do not require fertilising).
  • Dig gyspsum and organic matter into clay soils and turn the soil over as required to mix in.
  • Check irrigation lines, timers are functioning properly, change batteries in tap timers.
  • Plant your summer veggies and herbs now, such as tomatoes, cucumbers or capsicums – ensuring your ‘Paddock to Plate’ area is lush and blooming

Grounds and Gardens at our Client Sites:

Danihers have been asked by Our Lady of Sacred Heart in Bentleigh East to fix their oval which was left in a poor condition by the recent carnival held at their site. Large trucks had driven on it which created indentations and amusement rides have destroyed the grounds and they needed them restored.

Our team firstly sprayed the oval grounds with the broadleaf herbicide to eradicate all weeds, then we top dressed the site with 30m of  white washed sand and finished it with 20 bags of high nitrogen fertiliser and watered it in. Six weeks later the oval looks brand new and grass is growing so fast, that we are cutting it twice a week.

Our Lady of Sacred Heart – Bentleigh East









Mary Fitz-Gerald, Principal at Mater Christi in Belgrave wasn’t happy with the café lawn grounds and has asked Danihers to put their magic on! Our team nurtured this lawn over a six-month period and is now looking fresh and green. Mary is ecstatic with her new café lawn!