Danihers Site Leaders Day

Danihers Site Leaders Day is our bi-annual professional development event designed to deliver important group-based training to our teams on a range of important topics.

Through a series of workshops our teams have the opportunity to embrace continuous learning, collaboration and leadership development

Our recent Site Leaders Day was held at the Medway Golf Course where we were most fortunate to hear from motivational presenters on a range of topics to help us to continuously improve our management skills.

The jam-packed agenda for Site Leaders Day incorporated a mix of external presenters as well as providing the opportunity for interactive discussions for team members to share knowledge and problem solve.

Site Leaders Day Agenda – November 2023

  • People Management Essentials
  • Work Force Management
  • Modern Slavery
  • Sustainability Update
  • Psychosocial Risk and Mental Health
  • Incident Reporting

Bridging the gap between seasoned expertise and fresh perspectives is key to our Site Leaders Day and it was inspiring to witness the collaboration between our next-gen leaders and seasoned professionals.