Cleaning Services

At Danihers, we understand that different industries require different cleaning solutions.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide efficient and cost-effective services in many different types of work environments.

Through our close relationships with clients we develop customised cleaning programs to fit their facility-specific needs.

We strive to bring long-term value to our clients by using the best products, equipment, procedures and training, which are all geared toward the requirements of our client’s facility.

Cleaning services provided by Danihers:

  • commercial and facility cleaning
  • window cleaning
  • carpet steam and dry cleaning
  • hygienic washroom service
  • pressure washing – tiles, paving, building facades
  • timber and vinyl floors, walls and sports surfaces
  • floor sanding and polishing
  • graffiti removal.

Have you heard about Danihers Day Green Clean?

Danihers’ Day Green Clean has been specifically designed for clients who share our concern for the environment and who are focused on developing sustainable practices in their workplace. It’s ideal for customers who are looking for opportunities to enhance productivity and reduce costs.

We work in partnership with each client that uses Day Green Clean to design a timetable tailored to their own systems, procedures and cleaning requirements.

The benefits of the Day Green Clean initiative are:

  1. Rapid response
  2. Extra cleaning of toilets and high use areas
  3. Reduced cleaning costs
  4. Reduced lighting costs
  5. Improved security
  6. Enhanced communication
  7. Multi-tasking
  8. Safer, healthier working environment

Ask about our Day Green Clean today!