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Client Testimonials

“Communication is a key to a successful professional relationship and this is evident between our College and the staff of Danihers. Of course we demand high cleaning standards in such a large, diverse and complex site and Danihers have never let us down in this important and fundamental regard.”
Brian Hanley, Principal, St Monica’s College  
“We have enjoyed the positive, caring, inclusive and professional approach that Danihers has brought to our college.”
Anne O’Loughlin, Principal, Our Lady of Sacred Heart College  
“We approached Danihers because the complexity of managing and supporting cleaning staff who were so frequently working outside of school hours was becoming exceedingly challenging and time-consuming.. From the initial conversations through to our current arrangements, the team at Danihers have been professional and most importantly, they were quick to align with our College’s values and priorities.  Their proactive care for our learning spaces, staff areas and boarding community has been greatly appreciated, and their efforts to ensure that our existing staff were grandfathered into the new arrangement gave us great peace of mind. The staff who now work on our site feel like part of our community. We have great lines of communication, and they participate in the daily life of the school as if we are all one organisation.”
Kate Fogarty, Principal, Assumption College